Nathan’s Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home in Omaha, Nebraska, with six other siblings. At age 10, our family moved to the countryside in Iowa. In the following years, the call and drawing of God became evident in my life and, a few months before my 16th birthday, I was born again. Christ made my heart new and I haven’t been the same since! But God wasn’t done with His work. In 2009 I was in a severe car accident, which resulted in a fractured skull, a speech impediment, a day in the ICU, three weeks in the hospital and months of therapy. The Lord changed many things in my heart through that time, and I am so grateful for His grace and love. In 2011 I took my first trip to Haiti, rebuilding houses in the mountains for a week. At that time God began to form a desire in my heart to return and serve in a greater way there. A few months later, I went back for a year at a small mission in the mountains. During that time, I met my future wife, Virginia. Over the next years I came and went, and God continued to give me a deep desire to do His work there.

Virginia’s Testimony

Born in Tennessee and raised in a Christian home, I was born again in my early teen years. God began to lay on my heart the desire to serve Him overseas. I first went to Haiti in 2008 and was gripped by the mountain people’s hunger to learn. Many of the older people are illiterate but delight to hear the Word of God. Over the years, I returned to Haiti many times and, after nursing school, I went back to work as a nurse in Haiti for a year and a half. During that time I met Nathan. We became fast friends, meeting numerous times as he visited Haiti over the next four years. I came back to the States for a year and a half in 2012, then returned to Haiti indefinitely. I lived with my brother and his wife, teaching women’s classes, assisting with medical teams, and learning the language and culture. Giving up my dreams of marriage, I did not think Nate and I would ever be more than friends. (Virginia’s full testimony can be found in the March 2016 issue of Missions.)


Then, last summer, we both believed God was leading us into a deeper and closer relationship. Our parents blessed us and seven months later we became engaged. We were married July 9, 2016. We both see the beauty of God’s plan in preparing each of us separately, then bringing us together so we are better equipped and suited to the work of the Gospel in our corner of Haiti. We see and desire to fulfill the great need for biblical teaching and discipleship. We will also help facilitate pastors’ training conferences and “remote-areas” medical teams. Please pray for us as we learn to adjust to married life and life in a foreign country. The challenges are great, but the grace and strength of our God is greater! God has been so good to us thus far, and we know He will continue to guide us and keep us as we follow Him.


Taken from CMML Missions Magazine