Dear Partakers of the Divine Nature,

We have been home a week and pretty much back to the normal capacity of oomph, energy, vitality and vigor. Not as much as when we were young but as the Lord told Moses “…as your days, so shall your strength be.” So we are enjoying the Lord’s provision of both physical and spiritual strength. .

The visit to South Africa was one of the choicest blessings in recent years. Just the opportunity for ministry both public and private was an encouragement to our commitment to serve the Lord wherever He calls. The capacity to fulfill the responsibilities was a reminder that the Lord will provide for every obligation He ordains. In that respect we basically had four weeks of meetings; two in Cape Town, one in Plettenberg Bay and one in Durban. The first was to the Christians in Portlands with visitors from a couple of other churches. The second was to believers in Bellville and again other churches were represented. I had the joy of doing a radio program just before a meeting and enjoyed the freedom of the Spirit. Several called in after the program to the station saying they had made a decision for Christ as a result. TTL!

The third week was a blessing in very different ways. The schedule of ministry was preaching two Lord’s Day mornings to the Plett Evangelical Fellowship sandwiched by cell group Bible studies each evening during the week. The freedom of ministry was evident to many even if each study lasted far more than an hour each evening. The kindness of so many was summarized by a man my own age that sent a note to his cell group after the evening. ”Last night was for me the most inspiring night of my life. Although I cannot remember all that Fred said, I have peace and calm that I have never experienced before.” Someone also sent this note to me as encouragement for the Word that evening. “Last night was a truly inspirational evening for me, bringing me so much closer to the Lord. Thank you so much. I am sure we will have more time to talk in God’s heaven.” These kinds of response are so much more thoughtful than the usual short word of thanks that characterize most folks leaving a meeting. The stories of the Lord’s work in so many lives have left a lasting impression on our hearts. Of the last ten years this week has been one of the most exhilarating of ministry I can remember. The Lord was in the place and we knew it? PTL!

Our final week was with very precious friends of many years that added to the blessing of the Word on the lives of four different churches. The privilege of ministering the Word as an “Ambassador of Christ” was met with appreciation and joy. The week and the trip were culminated in two wonderful days of ministry. One was the KWZ Natal Conference of believers from about a dozen churches with more than 60 people than they were expecting. The whole day was devoted to food, fellowship and the food of the Word of which I was privileged to give two messages. One post after the conference was; “What an awesome time around the Word with Fred Kosin. Absolutely beneficial and valuable!” We give that “praise” to the Lord because He alone is worthy. It is not mine but His!

As for special activities, they were many. A trip to the elephant park where we could walk with these giants was amazing, The bird park is the largest enclosure in the world and displays the imaginative genius of our Creator, The beauty of Plettenberg Bay was the daily visual delight of the rolling ocean, a flight in a glider/stunt plane was spellbinding, many Braais (Bar-B-Qs) gave a taste of beef, chicken, Kudu, wart hog, Spring Buck, pork, lamb, Hake etc. Personal conversations with those seeking spiritual help were abundant. Phone calls offering counsel were extensive. Jenny’s lady’s meeting with 17 attending was equally appreciated and manifested in words and emotions.

We were also to take care of 50 copies of the daily devotional “Blessings…” to folks who wished more meat of the Word than what they heard in various places. That was not enough for all who wanted a copy. The book is still available in English, Spanish, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi from us.

Our purpose of this extended report is not to exalt ourselves or our ministry but the Lord and the power of the Word by the Holy Spirit in the lives of people whose hearts are open. Your prayers have made the ministry of the Word profitable in the lives of many. We will meet many we have not met personally when in glory, with them; we will be praising the Lord Jesus Christ. GTG!

The trip home started with a challenging event when we realized we left a small bag in the car which was headed back to Port Shepstone. A few calls later and a half hour the bag was in our hand and we could begin the 36 hours of travel home.

We had already learned by email before we left that hurricane Matthew had left its mark on our house and yard with 7 trees down and two landing on our roof. A dear friend superintended the situation, made emergency repairs and orchestrated the removal of the trees from the roof so no additional damage could occur and further repairs could be made. Many thanks!!

The insurance will cover a good amount of the work, mainly the repair and reroofing of the house. The removal of the trees from the yard is our responsibility and may take a while. But the Lord preserved “His house” from major damage and the Creator “redesigned” His beautiful yard in the process.

I have already been to Conover Bible Fellowship for last Lord’s Day and will be in NC for the first three Sundays in Nov. This coming Sunday will be the 10 year celebration of the fellowship of CBF and OM in their partnership for the salvation of many around the word using the ship Logos Hope as a tool. The balance of our schedule is below. We appreciate your continuing prayer for the seed of the Word left in fertile hearts in South Africa. Please do not be forgetful of ministry that is in front of us through the end of this year and next as the Lord leads. 2017 is largely full of ministry opportunities with a few dates to be finally confirmed. With the following schedule we are continuing to be occupied with

Serving the greatest Master,

Fred and Jenny

Schedule of Ministry DV

Oct 30 CBF/OM 10 Year Celebration of OM in Florence, SC

Nov 6, 9, 13, 16, 20 Fairbluff Bible, Charlotte, NC

Nov 27 & Dec 4 Hiawassa Bible, Orlando, FL

PS: I wrote a weekly summary of the month in South Africa. If you would like more details just ask. I will send it by email.

PSS: You can always opt out of these missives just by requesting it.