The events Of 9/11 impacted many people. As a nine year old, I questioned the fate of all those who died. A couple weeks later while running an errand for an assembly workday with my dad, I asked him about them. As we discussed it, I realized I wasn’t prepared to die. In the parking lot of the local Home Depot, I asked Christ to forgive my sins and to be my Savior. I was baptized a couple years later.
My family heritage greatly inspired my sense of calling to the mission field I grew up listening to the Story Of my great- uncle Jim Elliot, a missionary Who was martyred in Ecuador in 1956. In addition, my great-uncle and great-aunt Bert and Colleen Elliot, who were missionaries in Peru for 62 years, encouraged me in my love for the Lord, my Christian walk and my heart for missions. I visited them in Peru where I observed them in action and spent time with them in our home while they were on furlough.
A major influence on my life is my immediate family. My parents are in full-time ministry at Grace Bible Fellowship, Portland, Oregon, from where I am commended, and have taught me by word and example the importance of serving the Lord. My participation in the ministry at Grace and at Eagle Fern Camp has fueled my heart for missions.
Because I have a heart for missions, I decided to learn as much as I could. As mentioned, I took a short-term trip to Peru with a team from my assembly. I attended the “Perspective on the Christian World Movement” class and the Missionary Orientation Program offered by CMML and MSC Canada. My foundation in Scripture came from the teaching in our home, in my home assembly and Ecola Bible School.
A major part Of my training for the mission field has been my employment for the past five years. I worked for a metal fabrication company where my job included helping to maintain the machines, vehicles, buildings, and landscaping. This is a major part of what I will do in Tanzania.

I visited Tanzania two years ago with Dick Clark. who introduced me to Dale and Chris Hamilton.They have an extensive community health evangelism ministry to the islands of southern Lake Victoria. To do this they have a float plane, several boats, clinics on the islands and buildings on their main base that need to be maintained. This will be my focus along with discipling men. My plan is to go for two years and then reevaluate the Lord’s direction for my life.

Taken from CMML Missions Magazine